New Kids On The Block

I fear Monday mornings. The pain that awakens me at 7:15 on the first day of the work week is a feeling that I dread, and physically begin to anticipate come Sunday afternoon. But I have devised a new remedial strategy to end this misery. I have decided I will awaken 15 minutes earlier than usual on these tragic mornings, take an extra-long, extra-hot shower, and afterwards have time to do something that creates a happiness of sort within myself, before I head off for the soon-to-be suffocating L, pile into a little box on wheels with hundreds of other little workers, and stroll on over to Broadway, where I get to spend the best five minutes of my day, arising at the top of a metro stair with an ever-too-quickly five minutes to breath that crisp 8 a.m. oxygen as I walk the dividing line of Manhattan, a few kind tunes in my ear and a blissful morning light that carries me down to 9th street…to a much larger box where I devote the rest of my morning, afternoon, and a portion of my evening, five days a week.

If you hadn’t guessed already, this morning’s treat was a couple of Classic NKOTB music videos, paired with a few sleepy dance moves to get the blood flowing on what made out to be the most beautiful day of spring New York has seen this year.

These videos are for you B. May they bring a light to your many late nights at the office.


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