Monthly Archives: October 2010

You can see who it’s featuring above.  I’m really enjoying the vibe on this one – much more laid back and old school.  Download it here. Oh, and it’s daylight savings tonight at 2:00 am, so we’ve all got an extra hour of bar time. 25 hours of Halloween!

Note: I was wrong about the daylight savings time-change. I was given false information. It’s not MY fault. Don’t blame me. Daylight savings this coming Saturday late-night, I promise.


I stumbled upon a few pictures of Gillian on another fashion blog that I follow.  She’s not only beautiful, but here style is edgy, fun and creative. This American actress, best known for her role on 90210, hasn’t quite made it to the big screen just yet, but she’s definitely getting noticed for her sense of fashion.

Ok so it’s our first Halloween since we started the blog and I’m thinking of starting a little tradition. Every night this week we’ll post a spooky/Halloweeny/etc. song to get everyone ready for the big night of trick or treating, costume wearing, pumpkin smashing, or whatever it is us college kids will be doing.

First off, “In the Room Where You Sleep” by Dead Man’s Bones, which in case you didn’t know, is actor Ryan Gosling’s band. His songwriting and composition are pretty solid, and the children’s choir really adds a creepy feel. Enjoy!