Monthly Archives: November 2011

This will be the second winter since the age of three in which I haven’t made it to Colorado for a little winter skiing / snowboarding. As much as this trailer gets me all jazzed up, and therefore a bit agitated that I won’t be strapping on the boots and board(s) this season, this is an incredible feat of cinematography and just outright genius from a creative standpoint. And I’ve only seen this five minute segment out of the entire documentary which lasts a total of seventy minutes. Special thanks to a couple of my boys from Topeka for posting this on facebook, for me to most-fortunately stumble upon.


A completely different look for a music video in comparison to the below, but original and entertaining just the same. I’ve been watching this track on youtube for the last few weeks and I can’t get enough.

One of the few norms of my family’s Thanksgiving is and always will be a game of football before we black out (food or alcohol induced) in the living room. The Wall Street Journal put together these entertaining rules for the game. Check the rest out after the jump.

1. If you have a healthy relationship with your family and speak to them all the time, you’re playing touch. If you see your family only once a year, it’s tackle.

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