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A long-lost, limited release, ambient electro album recorded on a houseboat in 1979 is the type of record that can be engulfed by its back story. Dripping with aged mystery and inspired by the “mystery and romance of the great seas” this album is a study in sonics, environment and minimalism.

As everyone has done with Bon Iver’s debut, it’s natural and fun to romanticize and glorify enthralling back stories. Myth and ambiguity perpetuate legend, and have been doing so for years. So yes, German oceangrapher, Jürgen Müller’s experiences on the North Sea will mostly be disgussed before the album itself is ever truly analyzed. This is fine however, when the artistic achievement is so strong.

While the sound is certainly vast and fantastic, it has the kind of bubbling flow that can only evoke the sea (instead of, for example, outer space). An oceanographer isn’t going to create a perfect album, and that’s certainly the case here. But this is a listen well worth your time. Whether you are a student of music history or just someone interested in ambient music, this is an achievement that is mesmerizing both in its creation and final outcome.


It is quite obvious that there are copious amounts of beautiful females out there, all a matter of one’s personal opinion as well. Therefore, the title is a bit of an intentional overstatement. But I don’t think it is too far off in describing the quality of consistent beauty within these photos. Sometimes I stay up till the early hours, closing in on dawn, photo-blogging. This happened to me last night. I found a lot of these photographs at that time. There might be 15 or so more after the jump, just because I like to spend hours on this computer of mine to make you guys happy. Consider it the ultimate “Women for the Weekend” post. And please, comment on your favorites. Read More

One of my favorite weekends of last semester was the trip to Granada, Spain with my study abroad program. It’s truly a magical city. All of these photographs I took from within La Alhambra, a palace and fortress built by the Moors in the 14th century–one of the last, if not the last, in Spain. It’s structures and details are so ornate and beautiful; I’ve never been more inspired in my life.

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Had to re-post this last picture with the more recently photographed images of Gosling from When I look at the diversity in his style, I am unable to bring to mind any other guy out there that is producing such a timeless and creative personal aesthetic. Now, just go rent Half Nelson and you’ll erase any doubt you once had on the new King of Cool.