Monthly Archives: May 2011

Not a huge R&B guy as recently as a year ago, albums from artists such as The Dream, Drake, How To Dress Well, Frank Ocean, and most importantly The Weeknd have me bumpin and grindin every half hour or so these days. The latter’s House of Balloons¬†might be C-Rey and my’s album of the year thus far. With a mixtape coming this summer and fall, The Weeknd dropped this slightly new sounding track today to whet our appetites for the time being. Oh yeah, they also released some unreleased material earlier in the week that I’m not exactly crazy about, but still enjoy.


I spent an afternoon riding trains out to the boon-dogs of Brussels in search of the DHL headquarters, the first day I was in the city, to pick up a couple of Eurail passes for my friend and I. I changed trains at this place and captured this cool So-Cal looking gent. He was cruising down this street so effortlessly on his longboard.

In Italy, they never stop caring about the way they dress. The more elderly men are probably the most well dressed guys on the street, in my opinion. They can pull-off just about anything — these violet pants for example. This picture is more about this gentleman’s swag. Many of these guys are seen wearing a blazer and tie with slacks, and sock-less, whether they’re sporting loafers or oxfords. And in many occasions, a pair of Wayfarers. There is nothing cooler than a pair of these glasses on a stylish elderly gent.