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Dennis Hopper who died over the weekend directed and co-starred in Easy Rider, a cinematic must for anyone interested in film, 60s culture, drugs, etc. Watch the above clip, it is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest moments in opening credit history. And below is perhaps one of the most famous scenes in film history. Enjoy…


New single that has leaked from Kanye West.  He’s taking it back to the Late Registration days with this song, which I hope is a reflection of the rest of his album that is due out around September.  Follow the link to stream or download the song here.

One of my favorite magazines around, Fast Company, recently named its 100 most influential people in business for 2010. I was shocked and a little pissed to see that Lady Gaga (yes I ripped on her earlier this year, but Christopher is a big fan) topped the list. Another dissapointment was the absence of Scott Schuman, who snuck in the list last year at 98. But all in all it was a solid list with a lot of unfamiliar names that were fascinating to read about. Follow the link here to see the complete list. And here are the top five:

1. Lady Gaga

2. Eddy Cue – VP of Internet services, Apple

3. Elizabeth Warren – Consumer Advocate, Congressional Oversight Panel

4. Shiro Nakamura – Chief Creative Officer, Nissan

5. Ryan Murphy – Creator/Producer, Glee

Selectism - Miles Davis "Bitches Brew: 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition"

Though Kind of Blue came out over a decade earlier, this 1970 masterpiece was Miles’ first gold album– and rightfully so. No offense to ‘Blue, In a Silent Way, Sketches of Spain, or On the Corner, but this is Miles Davis’ most exciting and most experimental album. I was not exactly around in 1970, but this album had to have blown people’s fucking minds; it still sounds like nothing around today. This is how rock, blues, jazz and drugs are suposed to sound when fused together. Oh yeah, it has some of the most incredible album art of all time as well.

This anniversary 4-disc package offers the original album on CD plus an audiophile vinyl pressing on 2 LPs; previously unissued material including extensive live performances of much of the same music including a DVD of the entire Copenhagen performance from November 4, 1969. Also included is a 48-page 12×12 book, memorabilia envelope, and large fold out poster. So, if you’re willing to pay about $115, this baby is all yours.

Do what you do best, turn off the lights, burn some incense, and lose yourself in this…

When I first saw this mixtape collaboration on my private bit torrent tracker, Waffles, I was tempted to download it immediately.  I have to keep a download to upload ratio with this tracker, and so I have only been downloading albums that are of the utmost importance, most recently.  I gave a quick Google search for Lazerproof, and found that the two groups were offering a free download for this mixtape via the Mad Decent site.  200,000 downloads at once forced the site to crash at first release.  Therefore, an alternative download was made available at this address.  I haven’t even had a chance to listen yet, but I’ve heard good things, and so I wanted to get the link up on here as soon as possible for you guys. Nice artwork by the way, right?

Major Lazor & La Roux Present Lazerproof