Monthly Archives: November 2010

Over half of my Thanksgiving break was spent working at J. Crew all weekend, being the busiest shopping days of the year. On Saturday afternoon, I came upon two gentlemen who were wearing a pair of what they called Warby Parker frames.  The second guy gave me the low-down:  The company was founded by four guys who met at Wharton in Philadelphia.  The idea is to bring stylish, boutique-quality eyewear to the consumer for more than reasonable prices.  On Sunday, I came home and took a look at their website… I was blown away.  Incredible styling.  Innovative customer service methods.  For example, you can pick five frames to be shipped to you so that you can try them on, send them back (using the prepaid label that’s included), and therefore have a hands-on experience to pick the perfect frame for you.  The price?  $95 for any frame.  The best part?  The lenses are included!! You send in your prescription information with your choice of frame.  I know it sounds too incredible to be real, but right now they are sold out of the two frames in the color that I want due to such high demand for their product.  If you’re an eyewear enthusiast like our dear Chase Hamilton, you will probably cry when you read this post so….you’re welcome. Check out their site here.


I recently got a new computer, one with plenty of space and memory, so I’ve been on a bit of a downloading rampage lately, starting with the classic necessities (Beatles, Bowie, Dylan, etc.) and moving on to some of the more obscure classics (Roxy Music, Kraftwerk, Gang of Four, etc.) Listening to the music and looking at the album artwork, I’ve come to the conclusion that Roxy Music must have been some pretty badass dudes back in the day. Below are some of the band’s sexy album covers:

Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be studying right now too…Damn!