Monthly Archives: March 2011

I had the opportunity to travel to Africa for the first time in my life, to Tangier, Morrocco, back at the end of February. It was a trip that I can’t even begin to put into words. The amount of time we spent getting hassled as Americans, along with the flash riot we witnessed our last evening will be unforgettable. I was able to capture some pretty cool photographs even though I rarely had my camera exposed and ready-to-shoot, since my DSLR was an obvious tourist accessory visible to the bargain-hungry market owners. It’s taken me a while now to create a post about this trip, since this isn’t a travel blog and I wanted to stay-in-line with it being in some way aesthetically pleasing to our viewers. Hopefully you guys can gain some inspiration from these incredible colors and textures that I discovered around the city. (And please click on the pictures to enlarge them)