Kanye West – Runaway Film

Just started watching it, but I had to post it on here as soon as possible.  I might come back and comment after I’ve seen it all, but it’s amazing thus far.  Anyone and everyone that doesn’t like Yeezy, you gotta give this kinda stuff the credit it deserves.

UPDATE: It looks like all of the “Runaway” videos, including the one that I had posted, have been deleted from vimeo, so you can actually watch it in better quality at Kanye’s website.

After watching all 30 minutes of the short film, I was thoroughly satisfied, though I don’t feel that I could used the word “surprised” as a description.  I’m at the point where I see Kanye as the most innovative artist in the world, not strictly from a music standpoint, but in entertainment as a whole.  First he released an unprecedented music video that was more like a moving piece of captivating art, second came GOOD Fridays, and now we can witness the “Runaway” film.  The attention to detail is there throughout its entirety.  The fashion and costumes, and the interior design of each room is done perfectly.  The concept is great.  I’m only continuing to write because I want you to take the time to watch it yourself…so please go do so.


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