Real Estate – Days

The perfect soundtrack to fall 2011, Real Estate’s Days is an album in reverent and wide-eyed seasonal and physical transition. From the band that gave us the chilled-out summer vibes of its self-titled debut, comes a record that tightens its strengths, moving sonically from the swimming pool to the leaf-strewn backyard.

Music that sounds this pleasant can often slip by as nothing but a background novelty. But, Real Estate reward attentive listening with quaint imagery, such as someone riding home blacked out on a bicycle, that resonates so well with someone in limbo between youth and adulthood. And with song titles such as “Younger than Yesterday” (a carry over from the Reality EP) it’s even more clear that this band captures the poetic, nostalgic and uncertain emotions of youthful change.

First single “It’s Real” is a standout on par with Real Estate’s “Beach Comber” in the category of endlessly listenable pop songs, but there’s not a weak song on here. The band does little to graduate from its old sound, but that’s fine here. The greatness is in the subtle improvements (production, lyrical expansion, flow) and the beauty is in the emotion provoked.


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