Know Your Size

Just going to go-off on a quick little rant for you guys about sizing. On average, I’d say about 95% of guys buy clothing a size too large, at least. I can confidently say this because I’ve been buying clothes too large myself until about a month ago, and I’ve been big into apparel for a while now.

Who could deny the fact that their jeans are too big in the waist and need to be cinched in with a belt after one-wear out of the dryer? I’ve most recently sized-down two sizes in my pants for the fall. Yes, when I try them on they are quite tight. After one wear, no…after two hours of wearing them around–sitting down in a chair/couch or walking up-and-down stairs..the pants start to fit perfectly.

You might be beginning to get the idea that this is the most ridiculous post we’ve happened to create on here for a while now, or maybe ever. All I’m saying is just give it a try. Why? Because you will stop having to wash your clothes all the time to get them back to that feel-good size (Too much washing is bad for clothes), and you won’t have to worry about drying the shit out of them either (Which is also damaging). On top of that, I think most dudes would say they just enjoy having a pair of pants that don’t fall off every minute of the day without a belt that causes a damn uncomfortable feeling with the rumpled waistband or whatever hell is going on down there with your belt (which to note, is probably too big as well.)

All right, I’m finished. But I would like to say that I did the same with my shirts too–went down a size. World of difference. Oh and suits I used to buy a 40R in college and now I’m buying a 38S, and they look ten times better.

Just get over that feeling that your clothes are going to be too small. They won’t be. And you will be a happier man. I won’t promise because I don’t want a ton of complaint messages coming my way, but I’m more so just asking you to take the risk. Take the risk on a $15 dollar pair of on-sales. I’m asking you because I want all you dudes out there to feel better in your own clothes, and I think the ladies would appreciate it as well.


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