Matt Baldwin. The well recognized Midwestern, “Man of Style”.

Just popped-in to GQ’s blog, The GQ Eye, for my daily fix of fashion news and the word on the most recently released gear and apparel. About three posts down I caught a glimpse of the words, “Kansas City,” and had a pretty good idea on what the post would be about before I had read any further. Matt Baldwin, the man to start Standard Style in the KC metropolitan area, launched his men’s denim line around a year ago, and has now moved on to a complete collection, alongside a brick-and-mortar location. I haven’t had the opportunity to ever chat with this guy, but I’d like to get in touch sometime when I’m home from the City. Quality clothing and genuine style are the roots of his aesthetically pleasing apparel. I’d have to say overall, it’s just great to see a guy from the midwest progress from retailer to clothing designer (even though I think he may have previously owned his own label in LA, not sure), and to make it even one step further to being blogged at by Ryan Plett (of We Have Broken The Internet) and GQ. I need to stop by and grab one of those KC hats (if you’ll follow the link to the GQ post, and then another link more to the referenced post on Travel Well) the next time I’m in town. Which is to say, will be in less than two weeks. Can’t wait for ¬†homecoming and the East Harlem Stoop Choir reunion. Georgie boy and I have a lot of catchin up to do as well. Don’t plan on us producing many posts that weekend.

Ryan Plett’s Travel Well: Kansas City, MO


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