Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost

My album of the year debate had been a swanky battle between Destroyer’s Kaputt and Bon Iver’s Bon Iver, Bon Iver. A grittier, more rock-oriented party has entered the mix with Girls’ second full-length (and third release) Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Continuing its reinterpretation of lovelorn 50s and 60s pop, Girls now break through with a sound indebted to 70s classic rock and prog. In a way only Christoper Owens is capable of, the band manages to sound more upbeat and depressed at the same time. This sonic and lyrical expansion is at the heart of what makes Father, Son, Holy Ghost such a tremendous record, and one that is even more captivating 10-15 listens later.

If you follow the band or music online you’ve probably heard both “Vomit” and “Honey Bunny.” Both tracks are outstanding, though they couldn’t sound any more different than one another. But, to hold you over until the real thing drops Sept. 12, 13, stream the entire album here, among other places.  And if you haven’t seen it already, click the “Vomit” link above to see its sexy/creepy music video.


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