Michael Bastian wins menswear designer of the year at CFDA’s

The annual CFDA Awards, often called the Oscars of fashion, were held yesterday evening. I was obviously most interested in the menswear designer of the year. Michael Bastian, whose ‘Michael Bastian’ and ‘GANT by Michael Bastian’ (seen above) collections have received much acclaim as of recently, took the award over nominees Patrik Ervell and Simon Spurr. I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t say that I disagree with this outcome. I can draw particular influences from Bastian’s clothing, but overall, I believe it to be overly preppy and non-innovative. Nonetheless, click the links to view the entire collection of GANT and Michael Bastian.

Patrik Ervell is, in my opinion, the best designer out there right now. His Spring 2011 collection was flawless, to say the least. Everything from the newspaper strewn walkway, to the natural wooden backdrop helped to emphasize his minimalist aesthetic. His understanding of quality and construction is an intangible talent.

It’s unfortunate that I feel the obligation to post pictures from these designers’ spring collections, because I feel that Simon Spurr’s excellence in men’s fashion can be best seen in his most recent Fall 2011 line. Check it out on GQ.com here.

The Swarovski Award for Menswear is given to the most promising new designer. Robert Geller beat out both Phillip Lim and Alexander Wang to capture the title of biggest Up-and-Comer in the mens fashion industry. An outfit from his spring 2011 collection is featured above.

What I saw in Phillip Lim’s, ‘3.1 Phillip Lim,’ spring 2011 collection was an impeccable mix of textures. You can see an interesting mixture of leather and what I’m guessing to be some blend of wool (in the blazer), which contrast with the soft appearance of those khakis. This is what I see as the perfect, transition-into-summer-look, based off of the color palette of this particular outfit. Check out more photo’s from this collection here.

Finally, we take a look at an established womenswear designer who is making his mark in the men’s fashion world. Alexander Wang’s, ‘T by Alexander Wang,’ collection is highlighted by his slouchy-fitting T’s and couch-potato type aesthetic. I could lounge in his clothes all day. Check out his personal webpage to view the entire collection here.

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