J.Crew Men’s Fall-Winter 2011

What can I continue to say about J.Crew? Besides the fact that they are the dream company and I want to work for them more than I want most other things in life. Frank Muytjens has been consistently creating a superior collection with each passing season. My favorite though, is fall-winter. I think he’s a genius when it comes to cold weather clothes. ¬†The same holds true with his Fall-Winter 2011 collection. The mash-up of polyester, hooded jackets with tweed blazers is impeccable, and my preferred look of them all (right below). Pay attention to the jeans here, as he’s starting to fuse the chino design with denim. The colors of the denim look so original. Hopeful summer in the City in a couple of months, if things work out, I’ll be moved up in June, but this collection already has be thinking about next October.

If the bottom of these jeans actually have that tapered of a fit…then I’m pretty excited. Again, the color of that denim looks cool as hell.

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