Paris Extras

I believe that I took this photograph near the Pompidou. There is not one garment here that is extremely unique, but everything from the tailoring to the color combinations are done very well. And I feel that is very important to look at. In my opinion, you can either have one, really stand-out piece that is complimented with more subtle garments, or you can dress more for the coloring and tailoring–every piece alone isn’t anything special, but together they create a very nice look. He has a nice thick sole to his oxfords, which I have been starting to see more of and really enjoy myself. The taper of his khakis are great, the green socks add some colorful flair, and the vintage messenger bag is really cool. You know that it’s just about spring time when the bright colored chinos and jeans start to show up.

When I was taking this picture, I was obviously going after the young man that is standing just inside the street. After observing it it bit though, I am glad that I was able to get the man to the right as well.  I really enjoyed the mix of the light gray jeans with the brown shoes, yellow laces, and black socks. He’s got a pretty cool khaki trench as well, since it fits much shorter than most that I see. But back to the man on the right. His jeans. They are what you would call a carrot fit. Meaning that that have a lower rise in the crotch, and the upper part of the jean is a bit baggier, but the ankle is still very tapered. I have been seeing them everywhere around Europe this semester. It might be because I’ve become obsessed with the taper of my pants. I like enough room up-top, as I played soccer growing up and therefore don’t have the skinniest of thighs, but I still want all of my pants to be very much tapered on the bottom. This is a bit of an exaggerated example here, but I think we will see this trend move more into the American market here soon as more types of men move towards the skinny jean. He’s also got the coolest hair / scruff going on. Looks like he could be a model.


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