Paris Fashion Week – Viktor & Rolf Part I

The second of two shows that I was able to visit during my time in Paris was Viktor & Rolf ready-to-wear A/W 2011. I traveled to the site-location (Tulleries) with less-than-Dior expectations, because I didn’t believe there would be anything or anyone that could be of a bigger deal that those that attended Galliano’s last Dior collection. I was fortunately pleased beyond-expectations with the turnout. I was able to meet some of the most renown fashion-bloggers and models out there today. Hope you enjoy the photographs.

So Shannon and I both were able to get pictures with Mr. Scott Schuman. Needless to say, we know which one of us is able to shoot street-style photographs and which one isn’t…haha

Some fly fellas.

A beautiful femme / fashionista.

Part II tomorrow..or Wednesday. All pictures are the sole property of Walk About.

1 comment
  1. ss said:

    I was nervous. And it’s spelled Tulleries, dorkus.

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