Christmas wish list for Spain

In just under two months, I will be getting on a plane for España to spend my final semester of studies in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Valencia.  With the Euro kicking the Dollar’s ass, I’ve got a Christmas wish list of things that I want need to purchase for my time abroad. Check em out.

Herschel Caliber 25 Backpack: Herchel is a Canadian bag manufacturer that does just about everything right.  I was leaning towards their Village pack in the beginning, but have come to the conclusion that I needed more room as this will be the only bag I take on my weekend excursions.  It’s minimalist, high quality, and just what I’m looking for in an original backpack.

J.Crew Solid Tweed Blazer: Everyone in Spain dresses up to what would almost be called “Business casual” here in the U.S. when they go out on the weekends.  Since the weather will be in the mid-40’s on average for the majority of my nights, this blazer will provide the warmth and style that I need to enjoy some cervezas a los barros con mis amigos.

Barbour Derwent Jacket: I’ve been worshiping this jacket since I tried it on at the J.Crew Men’s store in NYC over fall break.  It’s by far the priciest item on my list, but I don’t even know how much longer I can wait, so if anyone wants to come to my apartment and buy anything from blazers to jeans to furniture…food? I’ll sell it all in order to have this in possession when I leave.

Ritano Wingtip Boots:  I’ve also been eyeing these for quite some time now.  Currently, I’m trying to decide on whether I should get both the brown and black pairs, or only the black and get a pair of regular brown wingtips on discount at J.Crew.  The thing about these boots is that its a combination of two things I love–boots and wingtips.  They will go with everything, dressed-up or dressed-down. My only doubt is that I might end up with too many pairs of boots once the weather gets nice.  You can find both pairs above at Urban Outfitters.

Marshall Minor Earphones: Unfortunately enough, I still use the basic iPhone headphones on a daily basis for my walk to-and-from class.  I can’t imagine taking those uncomfortable, terrible sounding things to Spain with me.  These brand new earphones from guitar-amp manufacturer Marshall look promising.  Reviews can’t be found anywhere online for both the in-ear headphones, as well as the appropriately named over-the-ear version called the Major as of right now, and yet the Minors are already sold out.

Well, now you all know how I spend at least an hour of everyday…staring at these pictures…wishing I could win the lottery…that would be great.

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  1. Jennifer said:

    Hey – good luck with your adventures in Spain! You should familiarize yourself with the songs of Josh Rouse before you go!

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