New York City

I feel a little guilty, because I took my camera specifically to take pictures for Walk About. One of the best days to shoot I had forgotten my camera due to being hungover and not thinking. Another day it was raining. And finally, another day I got some good shots. Here are a couple of my favorites. (Click on pictures to enlarge)

Union Square. This is where a lot of the NYU kids hang out. At night, I saw one guy with a drum-set just jamming out, hipsters setting up objects to jump over with their BMX bikes, and a lot of really sweet fashion.

An amazing block of buildings down south right off of Canal St.

Central Park.

In Sheep Meadows. From left to right: Jeff, George, Chad, Domz and myself. Chad was George’s hospitality down in the Lower East Side while Domz housed Jeff in the Upper East Side not too far from Central Park.

At Madison Square Garden. Got to see John Wall, Amare Stoudemire and number 12 there at the lower part of this picture, Kirk Hinrich.

Hope everyone had a great fall break. I put up a new About picture of George and I from Sheep Meadows you guys should check out as well–boots are the GTS’s (Go-to shoes) for this winter.

The next five pictures I took from my phone.  I wrote a post about this mural a while back, but I randomly stumbled upon it with Chad and George after a trip to the Chelsea Piers.  I was pretty excited to see it in real life.

This is the front of the school (mural is to the left). You can see all the little paintings on the lower parts of the walls here as well.  Pretty cool elementary school.

This is a photograph from the Deerhunter show at Webster Hall on Friday night.  Bradford Cox was incredible.  The sound and atmosphere was unforgettable.

7:00 am flight home this morning.  I didn’t go to bed last night, as we had to start the trek to Laguardia around 4:30 am.  When I finally made it home around 10:30, I passed out and missed all my classes today..

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