Kanye West Feat. Kid Cudi, Pusha T, John Legend, Lloyd Banks & Ryan Leslie – “Christian Dior Denim Flow”

7:00pm on Friday night, I took one last look at my computer before I headed out for drinks…No new GOOD Friday’s song, just as Kanye had warned.  I was fiending for new Yeezy, but luckily there was a concert last night at KC’s Starlight Theater to take my mind off of it.  It’s now 2am here on Sunday night/Monday morning, an earlier nap leading to the habitual late-night blogging, and I find that Kanye released a new track late Friday night/Saturday morning!

I think this song was made for me.  I mean, the song is titled, “Christian Dior Denim Flow”.  Fashion and music together is my ecstasy. I’ve had a quick listen and Yeezy is already spittin’ fashion references to current top models like Abbey Lee and Jessica Stamm–he’s speaking my language here for sure. Cudi is on the track, which is a pleasant surprise, but I’ve been expecting to see him appear on a GOOD Friday track for a while now.  Anyway, I’m going to bed, so you can listen to it/ download it yourself here.


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