Frost River – Rugged backpacks and bags

Most people interested in style come along a new infatuation now and again, whether it be fixed gear bicycles, wrist watches, eyewear and so on.  I have been on the search for the perfect rucksack for a while.  During this last summer, I decided to splurge on the anticipated Brothers Bray & Co. rucksack sold through Urban Outfitters.  I can say that from a design standpoint, the bag is great.  What I don’t like about my pack is the lack of ruggedness  and sturdiness that one needs to lug around laptops and books as a college student.  I think I may have found the remedy for these problems through Frost River.  Based out of Duluth, Minnesota, this company brings to market bags with high quality performance in mind, specifically for the outdoor regions located in north Minnesota close to the Canadian border, known as the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.  Here are a few examples, but Frost River makes just about every bag for your outdoor needs. Check out there website here: Frost River

Pictures via A Continuous Lean and PrimerMagazine

I want to note that, on top of the incredible quality and design of these bags, the price tags are more than generous.  The weekend bag above, listed for $140 could be found for at least three times the cost elsewhere.  Companies such as Burberry are replicating these designs (and probably losing the rugged quality at the same time) and selling them for top dollar.  My vote goes to Frost River.

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