Full On Double Rainbow

So first of all, if you have yet to see this video, then you must do so immediately, for entertainment purposes. (If you haven’t, don’t be embarrassed because the video already has over 12 million views and I saw it for the first time tonight) Secondly, go to his website here and read his story..if you have the time, because it’s actually quite intriguing. Finally, if at the end of these two activities you love this guy as much as I do — go to his t-shirt page here and feast your eyes on a few brilliantly designed t-shirts.  The one I am seriously contemplating ordering is shown below. Why the t-shirt? Because unlike the endless quantities of graphic tee’s created by Abercrombie and Hollister (and sadly enough J.Crew and Urban Outfitters), of which the graphic itself is pretty much pointless and stupid, this t-shirt will probably make anyone who has seen this video laugh out loud.  It’s also simple and doesn’t look like an Affliction tee either, which is always nice.


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