Clothes on Film Inception Interview

Clothes on Film has recently interviewed costume designer Jeffrey Kurland on his inspirations and ideas when creating the looks for each character in the movie of the year, Inception.  I was very eager to read this piece, as the suiting worn by Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt had caught my eye from the very first scene, in theaters.  If you’ve seen both Inception as well as The Matrix, you could understand that if the characters from the former were to wear black leather trenches and sunglasses with no side frames over the perfectly tailored 3 piece suits designed by Karlund, then would easily change the look and feel of the movie to say the least.  Costume design is very important in this aspect, so check out the COF interview with Karlund here.

  1. Rob O. said:

    Funny that you draw a comparison between “The Matrix” and “Inception” because I think Nolan gave more than a little nod to that movie.

    I thought Arthur’s (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) stiff mannerisms, overly-formal attire, and surprising physical prowess were all very reminiscent of Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith in “The Matrix.”

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