Congrats Isner

After witnessing an incredible last-minute goal by Landon Donavan yesterday to advance the USA into the World Cup round-of-16, my attention turned to American John Isner, who was in the middle of an epic 5th-set match again Frenchman Nicolas Mahut at Wimbledon. Excitement flooded my veins as the match carried on, as I thought a win for Isner in this match would be, overall, one of the greatest days for American sports that I had the pleasure of viewing.

Too bad they couldn’t finish by day two–tied at 59-games-all in the 5th set by sundown.  Play carried on this morning, and after another hour and more of play, Isner came out victorious, winning 70 games to 68 in the 5th set.  Obviously many records were broken–Longest match in the history of tennis: 11 hours and 5 minutes.  Most aces in a match: 112 by John Isner.  Most games played in a set with 138… definitely a memorable match, so congratulations Isner!

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