Hi, Tiger

Hi, Tiger is an incredible example of the new, experimental-electronic music that we see being created today.  According to their myspace, they categorize themselves as Electro/Jungle/Disco House, which is quite comical because I was just having a discussion with a friend the other day about how hard it is to classify the new age music being released, as some of it is just too diverse.  I’m just through the first three tracks, and each has gone in a different direction.  The second track “Dance Around” reminding me a bit of an altered LCD Soundsystem.  I’m in a completely different world right now as I become ecstatic with the possibility of a new favorite album.  Luckily, you can give feedback to my opinion as I have a link to a free download of their late 2009 released EP, Hide The Drugs. The lyrics speak of love and friends and getting there.  I’m now on the fifth track, and I’m going to go ahead and call it my new favorite.

Download the album here.

Oh, and this is the artwork for the album.  Magnificent as well.


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