Jessica Stam

I’ve got a lot of grading and work to do this week, and I probably should be doing those things right now, but I have to leave you guys with some pictures of a beautiful girl to make up for the absence of my “Women for the weekend” posts, most recently.  Jessica Stam is a Canadian model that has been used by just about every big name label in the business–Covering all levels of fashion, from Victoria Secret to Marc Jacobs to H&M.  In 2006, she walked a total of 64 shows during the spring fashion weeks in New York, Milan and Paris.  Oh yea, and she grew up on a farm in Ontario with six brothers, aspiring to be a dentist, until she was discovered by a modeling agent.  I can say that I’m quite happy that she decided to pursue a modeling career.

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  1. Pordan Jack said:

    Hey, George,
    Can you include Sylvia Plath in your next women for the weekend? WHAT A BABE! HUBBA HUBBA!

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