Mr. Newton

At first sight, I thought that would be the end of our hopes and dreams here at Walk About.  After spending some time on his site, I have realized that he is a street-style photographer/blogger first, and then he adds in some of his favorite music videos sporadically–not as musically concentrated as we are here.  To say the least, this guy is an identical clone of The Sartorialist, yet when he posts his photographs, he will post them all at once…like twenty or thirty of them, which is really cool because it gives the viewer a lot of material to work with.  On top of that you know that he isn’t saving pictures for months just to keep a consistent one to two picture-per-day routine.  He is working in real time..very cool.  Here are a few of his pictures from his recent trip to Paris.  He mostly shoots women only.  Why?  Because he says women are sexy and attractive, and I can’t say I blame him in the least.  Enjoy.

This one is my favorite by far.  From head-to-toe this girl is amazing.


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