Space 15 Twenty

So I had heard of the place before Spring Break 2010, but I really had no idea what it was until I drove by it while on my way to the Capitol City Grill in Los Angeles for the KU vs. N. Iowa game, which we all know the end to.  So, it was refreshing to find something familiar that I was curious about to take my mind off the then recent and tragic loss.  Space 15 Twenty is like its own little community.  I could explain myself, but this little excerpt from their site, along with the pictures I’ve found, will do the trick most sufficiently.

Located in Los Angeles, Space 15 Twenty is a unique retail setting, which creates an opportunity for Urban Outfitters to collaborate with creative brands we find inspiring and interesting.
Within the 12,690 square foot Urban Outfitters store, we showcase distinctive designers with a new pop-up shop every month. In tandem with these exclusive installations, Space 15 Twenty hosts a selection of adjoining vendors that reflect and compliment the Urban Outfitters brand.
Each store is connected by an outdoor courtyard, which includes a performance space and adjacent gallery, both of which encourage participation in the curated environment.  Aligning with local music, film and art venues, the courtyard and gallery present a rotating cast of musicians and artists.

The stores currently accompanying Urban are Free People, Hennessey + Ingals, Shoes + Shoes + Shoes + Bags, Umami Burger, What Goes Around Comes Around and occupying the gallery at the moment is Planet White TShirt.


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