How to stand out in the summer

The style possibilities of fall, winter and even spring seem to be so much more plentiful than those of summer. Layering is out of the question with the temperatures, so it is more difficult to stand out. But discouraged be not, here are some items to separate you from the t-shirt/shorts/flip-flops crowd. Oh yes, and the best way of course to look great during the hot and sticky months of summer is to have clothes that fit to perfection. A visit to a tailor is often the best and most inexpensive way to create a new look. But without further ado, here are some great items for the summer:

Selectism - A.P.C. Sunglasses for Summer 2010

Next to a diverse collection of shoes, a killer pair of shades is an absolute summer necessity.

Selectism - Pendleton For Urban Outfitters Blankets And Towels

These beach towels will be a hit at any beach or pool party.

style, fashion, boat shoes, yuketen,  black style

Deck or Boat shoes are comfy, versatile and perfect for sockless trecks to the park, liquor store, whatever…

Seersucker, pants or shorts. A very preppy look in general, I’m toying with the idea of cutting a pair of my pants into shorts for a slightly different look. And yes, I think the rolled shorts are a good trend.

Summer is generally a more laid-back time, but for the dressier events throw on a cotton tie.


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