Music and style

So our blog may sometimes read like a random collage of songs, outfits, album reviews, and photoshoots, but we swear, it all relates when you get down to it. We like to think of the words style and art as widely defined exhibits of self-expression, and that is what we really want you to get out of our blog; we want to inspire self-expression, in whatever way that suits you. So, to bring this full-circle, here is a random list of some of my favoritely styled musicians…

BOB DYLAN: Ever-present shades, androgynous silhoutte, black and white- he will forever top my list.

CHRISTOPHER OWENS: The Girls frontman rocks badass rock star hair, covered in tats, with a feminine style/voice.

CHRISTOPHER CHU: The Morning Benders lead singer makes the preppy look intellectual and bohemian.

PETE DOHERTY: A British take on Dylan’s style; this drug addict was with Kate Moss for many years-enough said.

EZRA KOENIG: The Vampire Weekend leader has his confident preppy look, tweaked with indie sensibilities.

JACK WHITE: Stays simple (black, white, red) but his swagger and mad scientist hair make his style pop.

NICK DRAKE: Extravagent hippie style from this soft-spoken Englishmen…look at what he’s holding in his hand. (We always love viewer feedback, and this picture was sent to us from a fellow musician with an old-school taste for music…Johnny McGuire)

  1. Eric G said:

    you just blew my effin mind.

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