The Hold Steady – Hurricane J

I admit I was a little worried when The Hold Steady said their upcoming album was less anthemic than their previous two. Though it’s from an earlier album, “A Positive Jam” has been THE drinking anthem for my friends and I since the summer…I mean The Hold Steady and bar anthems are suposed to go hand in hand. But Craig Finn is one of the most talented songwriters of this generation, so I’m sure his non-anthemic songs would sound just amazing as well.

Well, judging from the Heaven is Whenever cover, and the opening single, “Hurricane J” the boys from Minnesota are back with another fist-pumping anthem (whiskey drenched chords, references to troubled girls and cigarettes all included). The entire album is out May 4… I’m lickin my chops.

1 comment
  1. Jack Mehoff said:

    words are like leaves; and where they most abound,
    much fruit of sense beneath is rarely found

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