Surfer Blood Live at the Replay Lounge

What could be better than getting a call from your friend while watching your school win another Big 12-championship title, telling you that a band you happen to really enjoy is playing at a local venue for a measly three dollars? (How did that slip under the radar, by the way?)

It was a fake St. Patty’s day celebration at Replay on Saturday, and from what I was told, there were bands playing throughout the day, leading up to the Surfer Blood performance at about 12:30 am.  Well…. it was more like dank St. Patty’s day because they had Deece-Dank prices on drinks–$5 pitchers of green beer for one to indulge in, which gave you about 40 oz. of greatness with each purchase.

It had been quite a few years since I had found myself at a show where I could barely move arm-to-mouth (for the green beer of course), because of a crowd so packed that you could smell each individual person who was in direct contact with you.  It took me back to the punk-rock Warped Tour days where little emo kids (myself being one of them) stood shoulder-to-shoulder at least an hour before the show, building up a unified stench that was amplified by the one crazy looking dude who was sweating balls before the band had even found there way to the stage (I was always lucky enough to be in direct contact with that guy).  It was a very nostalgic experience that I found quite enjoyable.

The show was everything I wanted.  It’s great to see a band with such potential playing at a venue like the Replay, when you know they will probably be back within a year to perform at a place like the Granada for $25 a ticket. What other bar has a Millennium Falcon hanging from the ceiling, and a pop-a-shot and a food stand out back selling bratwurst and other hot delicacies to fuel a night of drunken debauchery? Alright, I’m finished talking, and I apologize ahead of time for the finger on the lens for the couple seconds during the video–it was my iPhone and a bit difficult to maneuver with one hand.


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