Week before SB 1999

I haven’t even had a chance to talk with my co-poster much this week, but from the signs thus far showing that he might be as busy as I am, I wouldn’t hold your breath for an amazing week of posts.  We really hate times like these, because it basically just sucks when we can’t throw up a lot of new information and pictures for you guys, but stick it out please!  I’m not going anywhere until the second weekend of SB so I will have nothing to do but see how many Busch Lights (The Dr. Pepper of beer) I can choke down, and of course, posts I can create.  So, while George will be on his romantic Catalina Wine Mixer SB Vacation Extravaganza, I will be here for you guys doing what I do best–spending at least six hours-a-day looking for new music and inspiring fashion ideas for Walk About.


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