Wants and Needs – The Rucksack

I was skimming through the newest Urban Outfitters catalogue a while back, when I came upon a picture of the Bray Brother’s and Co. Rucksack.

That’s when I first knew I wanted one.  I think that rucksacks are quite unique (anything that isn’t North Face probably is..), but the most appealing characteristic that I saw was the casual vibe it gave off.  I have a leather messenger bag that I can’t fit more than a book and a laptop in, so the rucksack offers much more room for supplies while still providing some originality.

L.L. Bean’s Maine Guide Rucksack

Stonewashed Canvas Rucksack by Burberry

The Bray Brother’s rucksack sold out well before I could get my hands on it, so I might have to settle with the vintage Swiss Army pack shown above.

  1. Carson said:

    This is currently available at the Urban on Mass.

  2. Ah, thanks for the tip. I’ll be heading there tomorrow for sure.

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