Hippie Headbands

As you all know, I’m ready for spring to come.  Truthfully, I prefer winter clothes over the limited style that summer has to offer men, but I’m a sucker for warm weather.  I think that women have an edge over guys once we make the transition into warm-weather garments.  Why is this so?  Well for one thing, women can accessorize the hell out of their summer looks.

I’m quite partial to the hippie headbands.  I know they’ve been around.  I know they’re not the newest trend on the block. But I love them, and I hope all you girls love them for this spring as well.

You’ve gotta follow that 70’s vibe for this spring/summer.  A headband like that to go with an outfit similar to Alexa Chung for Madewell, which I wrote about last week?

So here’s my suggestion to all the girls..

Grow your hair out to atleast your elbows.  Air-dry your hair or whatever you’ve gotta do to get the natural scrunch, then middle-part it.  Throw on some velvet high-waisted shorts. And don’t forget the headband.  Yes, I do wish I lived in the days of Dazed and Confused.


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