Pantha Du Prince – Black Noise

Inspired by a stay in the Swiss Alps, Germany’s Hendrik Weber (Pantha Du Prince) has created Black Noise, a gorgeous 70 minutes of minimalist house music. The album floats along like a light, cloudy dream, but with enough clacking and thumping to keep it earthy. It is different (and better) from the work of most house musicians because of the diversity and instrumental experimentation. Rather than pound along on one groove, Pantha Du Prince jumps around  more and slides in and out of rhythms and sounds. It’s a psychadelic experience that brings in influences of traditional house musicians, like The Field, and Lindstrøm, as well as the poppier elements of Dan Deacon, and the grittier, darker sounds of Burial and Flying Lotus. My favorite member of Animal Collective, Noah Lennox, (Panda Bear) guests on the track, “Stick It To My Side”, which sounds mind-blowing on paper, but I’m still not sold on the combination yet. This album is for sure going to be a great late night, gather round the speakers experience for the next few weekends, and most likely a solid study album as mid-terms approach.


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