Yeasayer – Odd Blood

“Presents are always spoiled for those who open them before they are supposed to.” Yeasayer had this to say about their album leaking three months before the Feb. 9 release date. But we here at WalkAbout are impatient when it comes to good music…but we”ll try to make up for our crimes by buying the album next week. That being said, their sophmore album, Odd Blood sees the band taking a step forward. From the psychadelic doom of the opening booms and distorted voices, you can tell this album is different. It is definitely a “grower”, but it scales back on some of the experimentation and psychadelics of their first album, All Hour Cymbals. The first single “Ambling Alp” is the best and catchiest song on the album.  “I Remember” is an 80s style love song that sticks long after the album is over. Even after a month or so of listens, I still can’t make up my mind on the album (maybe that’s the price to pay for downloading the leak). It’s a good one, but only time will tell how well it ages. Either way, the “Ambling Alp” music video is insane. A classic song, an even better video.

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