Never-ending style in Italy

Here in the United States, I feel that as men get older, they take a more conservative approach to fashion.  Many older men do this because it is the common norm, accepted by society, and it gives them the ability to buy a closet of clothes that will last them the next 20 years.  In Italy, I would say that it couldn’t possibly be more opposite.  Just because your style grows older, doesn’t mean you should forget about it completely..

Check out the slim fit of the jacket, and more specifically the trousers.  This man is also has a very youthful, no-sock look going that fits perfectly with the rest of his attire, as well as the season.

Unique socks to accommodate a jacket and oxfords has been a trend I have seen over the past couple of years in Italy via pictures from the Sartorialist, such as this.

(All pictures come from the Sartorialist.  I know he is talked about quite a bit, but it’s just so difficult not to.)

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  1. thomas stanton said:

    that last guy looks like the guy from spider man.

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