Do Denim Differently!

Before I start, I just want to say that I think dark washed, slim fit jeans are great. They are a timeless and versatile fashion piece. But, starting last year, it seems that they have become ubiquitous. Everyone I see, whether they have been wearing the same shirts and shoes for the past ten years, or are always on the cutting edge of fashion, is wearing slim, dark jeans with the legs cuffed meticulously. This is a great look, I wear this often. But it has become too much! I see dark denim legs walking around campus, shuffling around downtown, and getting tangled up on couches. People need to break free, and because this trend is so widespread, I think the simplest changes can make large statements. Let’s bring back lighter colors as spring draws near. Let’s stay away from the rolled up look while it’s still winter. And most importantly, let’s embrace modern style with an individual eye and a risk-takers creativity.


1 comment
  1. Pauly said:

    Cool, edgy site…

    Like “Heaven Can Wait,” but could do without the video–very odd.

    Yea! Let’s hear it for good old fashion Levis–skinny or not.

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