“Ice Dripping From Trees” mix

As the city coughs in a haze of fog and blowing snow, the optimist in me has started to search for the smallest signs of the end of winter. I found that walking around this afternoon in the melting ice; getting showered by cold, wet drops had never felt so invigorating. So that and this summery playlist will have to do until the snow is gone and the temperatures start to grow. None of these songs are particularily new, but summer is a nostalgic time…so hope you enjoy!

“What Would I Want? Sky” – Animal Collective

“Beach Comber” – Real Estate

“Take Pills” – Panda Bear

“White Sky” – Vampire Weekend

“Deadbeat Summer” – Neon Indian

“Things Will Never Be The Same” – jj

“Badonkadonkey” – Born Ruffians

“Walkabout” – Atlas Sound

“Let’s Go Surfing” – The Drums

“Banana Jam” – Julian Lynch

“Mega Secrets” – Family Portrait

“Seasun” – Delorean

“Failure” – A Sunny Day in Glasgow

“Mr. Brewer” – Summer Hymns


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